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How Do Teachers Promote Social and Emotional Development in Preschool Students?

When choosing a preschool for your child, the educational opportunities aren’t the only thing you should be considering. A child’s social and emotional development is also a crucial part of their eventual academic and personal success. These skills help children manage their emotions and behaviors so that they can smoothly navigate through their educational journey and beyond. A quality Pre-K can help with this type of development while working toward academic readiness. Let’s look at some ways in which teachers help promote the social and emotional development of children.

Using Positive Language

One way that teachers promote emotional development in children is through the use of positive language. Pre-K teachers are trained to use words that will encourage and empower children. This can be especially important for children who struggle to express their wants and needs effectively. This is often seen during times of conflict or big emotions. According to ThoughtCo, small class sizes with a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1 are common in private schools, so teachers will have more opportunities to work closely with students. Children need to feel empowered to stand up for their feelings, ask for help when needed, and communicate when things feel wrong.

Another method of positive language is affirmations. Children learn better when they are confident in their abilities. At this age, children are developing confidence and self-esteem. The affirmations of caregivers including their Pre-K teachers helps build their self-esteem. When children are constantly reminded that they are strong, smart, and able to problem solve, it slowly becomes part of their internal dialogue and belief system.

Encourage Interaction

The best teachers at a preschool will encourage interaction between the students. Teachers will help them learn about sharing, communicating with their peers, and more. Having a guiding hand to help them make friends can ensure students feel comfortable in their surroundings. By forming early friendships and bonds, students will develop the skills they need to initiate interactions, begin conversations and work collaboratively with others. Having qualified teachers to nurture and promote interactions between students is crucial to their social development.

These are just a few of the ways a Pre-K teacher can influence a child’s emotional and social development within the preschool setting. If you’re looking for a quality Pre-K environment for your child, please contact The Learning World Academy today. We are here to help your child on their learning journey.

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