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My four year old son has been attending this school since it opened its doors last year. I could not be happier with the entire experience. He has amazing teachers who are caring and patient. The curriculum is focused and challenges him with new ideas and concepts. The administration has a completely open door policy and is always open to hear my comments, suggestions or concerns. The facility is new, clean and completely focused on fostering an exciting environment to learn in.

I really cant say enough about this school. Every season all the bulletin boards are updated with festive themes for the corresponding season or holiday. The classrooms are filled with work done by the kids that focuses on each week’s theme and with pictures showing you the process they used when trying out a new concept. The lunch program offers nutritious and varied food and they offer a variety of enrichments in the afternoons.

My 16 month old will start at the school next month and I am so excited for how much he is sure to thrive in this environment.

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