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The Magic of Storytelling: Enhancing Your Child’s Language and Cognitive Skills

Humans have always told stories. Stories captivate us; when we share tales of adventure and wonder, it teaches us about who we are. Just as importantly, when we engage our children with storytelling, we help to improve their language and their cognitive development. Continue reading to see just how storytelling can benefit preschool and daycare students, and children of all ages.

Stories Improve Vocabulary

One of the most apparent benefits of storytelling is its ability to enhance a preschool child’s vocabulary, introducing them to new words and phrases they may not encounter in their daily lives. The more children listen to stories, whether at home or at daycare, for instance, the more they encounter new words in context. This encourages them to develop their vocabulary as well as learn new ways of decoding meaning, which strengthens their cognitive skills.

Stories Improve Concentration and Attention Span

Children today are rarely given space to be bored. Most have access to a variety of screens and toys that keep them readily engaged no matter which way they turn. However, such constant distractions seem to have the downside of making it harder for children to develop their attention spans. When you sit down and read a child a story, you encourage them to pause and pay attention to the text and pictures. Following and understanding a story requires concentration and attention, and the more you expose a child to this, the more you strengthen those focusing skills.

Stories Improve Communication Skills

We noted above how listening to stories improves vocabulary, but it also helps to develop other communication skills. Through stories, children are exposed to characters and how they deal with emotions and moral quandaries. They learn how to relate and have empathy with the characters’ experiences. These aspects of a narrative help teach students how to empathize with others in their world and strengthen their ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings. The more examples children read or are read to by parents or preschool or daycare instructors, the more they develop their own communication skills.

Learn More About Improving Your Child’s Cognitive Skills

Storytelling is just one of the fantastic ways you can develop your preschool or primary school student’s cognitive skills. For example, in a study by EducationWeek, students who played chess in class vastly improved a number of skills, including their problem-solving, strategic thinking, critical thinking, and interest in school. Visit us at The Learning World to learn more about our focus on developing your child.

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