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What can you expect from your child’s pre-k education?

Children grow up so fast, and before you know it, it’ll be time for them to begin school. Enrolling children in pre-k gives them a head start and offers opportunities for them to develop important academic and social skills before starting Kindergarten. Are you curious about what to expect from your child’s pre-k education? Read on to find out.

Self-Help Skills and Social Skills

A preschool environment is most likely the first place where a child will be without mom or dad for long periods of time. They’ll learn the art of socializing, cooperating with other children and understanding the concept of sharing and taking turns. Given the fact that they are part of a larger group of students, they will also develop the basic ability to do certain things independently.

Literacy and Storytelling

Your little one will begin to gain knowledge of the alphabet and start building those key foundational literacy skills. According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, reading aloud to children helps build brain connections during the first five years of their life, which is the time in which 90% of a child’s brain development happens. If you’ve already been reading to your little one, you’ve already given them a good start on the reading journey they’ll embark on in a pre-K program. In a pre-k setting, storytelling is an important part of their overall educational experience. Children will listen to stories and even get the chance to tell short tales of their own. Exposure to stories helps expand their vocabulary and for the pre-k 4 students, books provide a great resource to help them recognize sight words.


Pre-K years are the most important for creative development. The centers in preschool classrooms offer a wide range of materials and resources. From musical instruments, to blocks and craft supplies, students will have the opportunity to explore and create! Through hands-on exploration, they will acquire knowledge of textures, colors, and sounds and how they relate to the world.

If you believe it’s time for your little one to take the first step in school, you want to ensure they are enrolled in a high-quality pre-k program that offers wholesome education and valuable skills. Look no further than our curriculums geared toward a range of age groups. Through active, meaningful, and theme-based learning, your child will be more than ready for their primary school years. Contact The Learning World Academy to learn more about our enrollment process!

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