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Activities For Toddlers

3 Fun Activities for Your Toddler

  • TLW Venetian Editor
Toddlerhood is a time of significant developmental leaps. Nurture your little one’s growth with these fun activities that will help them build skills through exploration and play. Here are some fun activities for toddlers to enjoy and learn.

1. Sensory Play

Toddlers learn through exploring through their senses. Set up DIY sensory bins filled with water, rice, slime, sand, or kinetic sand. Add scoops, sieves, funnels, and containers for pouring and sorting. Fingerpanting with pudding or jello encourages tactile discovery. Play music and make your own instruments with containers filled with beans, beads, pompoms, or pasta. Sensory play stimulates development.

Toddlers have fun when they get messy, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty when enjoying sensory play! Let them play with play dough, mix up homemade bubble solution and blow giant bubbles. Break out the sidewalk chalk and blank canvases. Pull out the sprinkler for water play and splashing on a hot day. Embrace the mess today to create the memories you’ll cherish.

2. Get Moving

Physical activities for toddlers help them build coordination and important gross motor skills. Turn on some music for impromptu dance parties. Bring toys outside for wagon and trike adventures. Play catch with softballs. Go on nature walks to examine flowers and leaves up close. Movement and exercise are key for active toddlers.

3. Explore Nature

Head outside to connect your toddler with nature. Go butterfly and ladybug hunting in the backyard. Plant child-friendly seeds and let them care for their own garden. Take a color walk to find objects in the nature of every hue of the rainbow. Collect leaves, acorns, and rocks for crafts. Lay out a blanket for cloud watching and gazing at birds. Enjoy the great outdoors as a family!

Toddlerhood is a period of rapid development across all areas. Nurture growth through play by engaging in activities that stimulate their senses, coordination, creativity, and curiosity. These fun activities for toddlers will provide hours of entertainment while building the foundation for future learning.

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