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How Parents Can Adopt a Holistic Approach to Child Development

Parenting is a journey that requires nurturing every aspect of your child’s development, including social and emotional development. Children need to learn conflict resolution skills and how to socialize with other students. Today, many parents strive to adopt a more holistic approach to child development. Below, you can read tips and tricks you need to know to be more holistic.

The Right School

It’s crucial to select a school that shares your values as a parent. According to Brightly, students who attend at least two years of pre-k are likelier to succeed in school later. Take the time to explore curriculums and pre-k options to find one that encourages your child to explore the world around them using their senses.

Physical Health

It’s crucial to prioritize a child’s physical health. Watching television all day is unsuitable for little ones. Instead, encourage them to play outside. Provide plenty of nutritious meals and snacks to ensure they get their vitamins and nutrients through food.

Emotional Growth

Children continue to develop emotionally as they grow. Take the time to discuss their feelings with them. Set a positive example using positive conflict resolution  and emotionally healthy coping skills. Parents are often a little one’s primary role model, so working with them one-on-one is essential to encourage healthy emotional growth.

Nurturing Environment

Students require a nurturing environment to thrive. They don’t need expensive toys and gadgets. Ensure your little one gets plenty of positive attention and hugs. Spend plenty of quality time with them doing wholesome educational activities, such as reading books, coloring, completing puzzles, and playing with blocks.

Healthy Sleep Habits

A holistic approach to child development encompasses every aspect, including developing healthy sleep habits. Turn off screens at least one to two hours before bedtime to ensure they don’t interrupt your little one’s sleep. Establish a bedtime routine, such as bathing and reading a story, to help them relax and fall into sleep with ease.
A holistic approach to child development helps increase emotional intelligence. They learn about themselves, including how to address their feelings and the importance of nutrition and mindfulness. We specialize in offering a curriculum that will complement your holistic parenting style. Contact The Learning World Venetian today to learn more!
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