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How Does Preschool Help Foster Social Growth and Development?

  • TLW Venetian Editor

Starting preschool, often marks a child’s first step into the world without having mommy or daddy always by their side. By sending your child to a nurturing preschool, you’re giving them the chance to be in an environment that fosters social growth and development. The skills children learn in preschool will lay the foundation for a lifetime of social interaction and relationships. Let’s discuss how the best preschool program can benefit your child.

Building Communication Skills

One of the most crucial aspects of social growth is building the skills to communicate effectively. Preschool environments foster self-expression, listening to others, and understanding verbal and non-verbal cues. A great preschool will offer your child intentional activities to enhance vocabulary and promote language skills.

Learning Cooperation

Another way in which a quality preschool encourages social growth is by promoting cooperation and sharing. Through interactive activities, your child can learn about the importance of taking turns, sharing toys, and working together. Quality preschool programs will also offer physical education activities that build teamwork and positively contribute to children’s physical and mental health.

Forming Friendships

When your child attends preschool, they will most likely be exposed to children of different cultural backgrounds. Developing friendships with other children helps them recognize, understand and appreciate differences. Through social interactions, they will be able to experience bonding, trust, and respect amongst their peers.

Develop Social Growth

At this stage of their education, your child receives an introduction to social norms and an early understanding of the ideas of community and togetherness. They will learn to follow given instructions, respect authority figures, and begin to understand what behavior is and isn’t appropriate. These skills will be beneficial for them as they begin navigating more complex social environments.

According to Children’s Medical Center, the five early stages of childhood include newborn, infant, toddler, preschooler, and school-age. If you want to give your young child a head start in their social development, reach out to our preschool today!

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